Collaboration with Kara Ross New York

Kara Ross New York is pairing up with Michelle Vella

Kara Ross New York is pairing up with Michelle Vella with a giveaway starting on Monday, May 4th, 2015 on Instagram! We will be giving away an original of the illustrations each day and the collaboration contest will run all week, just log into Instagram and like the image and then enter your information on the website.

Michelle Vella’s stylistic brush on fashion has captured the eye of celebrity-fashion photographer Tom Munro, actress Sienna Miller, Luxury Accessory Designer Kara Ross NY, Fashion Editor Hermione, and Art Director Giorgio Martinoli of Condé Nast MADAME Air France magazine, to name a few.

Michelle’s art is inspired by high fashion photography, a fabulous photo can invoke her compelling need to draw it right away. Michelle has a love for expressionistic art like that of artist Francesco Clemente (80’s era). She is attracted to his expressive yet distorted eyes and features. She is true to her artistic expression but says that is constantly evolving. Michelle started with loose gesture line drawings which soon evolved into colorful expressive portraits with accentuated eyes, as she puts it “it’s my brush with fashion”.

Look out for her feature in Raine Magazine’s July 2015 Issue, Satellite Journal September 2015 launch issue, plus hand painted handbags with Italian designer Caterina Bidini.