Inspired at ART TORONTO

Yesterday I attended The Toronto International Art Fair where galleries and art dealers from around the world exhibit fantastic art. I was particularly inspired by a few artists starting with Yuval Yairi represented by Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery in Tel Aviv Yairi's photographs are not your typical photo, they are a combination of frames taken with a digital video camera that are knitted together in photoshop® to make a gorgeous large print. 

Then I saw artist Andre Petterson's mixed media photographic collage represented by Bau-xi Photo of Toronto  I was fascinated by his black and white subject matter but more so by the subjects themselves. I wonder what inspires him? so creative and genius.

I also enjoyed viewing the mixed media of Montreal Artist André Monet "More recently, he turned to the portrait. But not just any kind of portrait: blending collage of old newspapers and books, painting and varnishing, the traits of his characters are recreated with such precision that one might see a realistic photography arising from     a distance. This new production reveals the strengths and weaknesses of individuals appearing on the canvases." 

If you are in Toronto I hope you had a chance to attend ART TORONTO - now it's time to get back to creating art of my own.

Thanks for reading. Michelle



Andre Monet


Andre Petterson