Bidinis By Michelle Vella

Caterina Bidini is the the creative mind behind Bidinis, a leather handbag brand entirely Hand Made In Italy (Florence). Caterina and Michelle met in February 2015 via Instagram and in time they developed a friendship based on their shared vision of art, fashion and the idea of collaborating.

In May 2016 they finally met in person in Firenze to test their ideas and create a new line of handbags based on the technical knowledge of Caterina and the creative artistic talent of Michelle.

After months of testing, Bidinis By MICHELLE VELLA was born.

With this collection, Caterina and Michelle wanted to bring the concept of uniqueness to a new level. Each bag is numbered in 3 different sections, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that is signed by the designer and the artist. Each handbag is custom painted and created on demand for you and you only. There will be no other bag like yours in the world. 

Environmentally friendly

We use only metal-free leather, meaning that has not been treated with heavy metals that can harm the environment. Our suppliers are controlled and certified step by step.  We also use a botanical dying process.

100% Made In Italy

Every single piece of your handbag is entirely made in Italy, down to its smallest component. We work only with skilled Italian artisans who for centuries, crafted their. We use only the finest quality leather, you will feel the difference.

Caterina and Michelle

 Michelle and Caterina meet in Florence for the first time. May 2016

Michelle and Caterina meet in Florence for the first time. May 2016

 Portrait of Caterina and Michelle

Portrait of Caterina and Michelle

Michelle working hard in Tuscany